Low waste, great taste!

Since we started to get our veg box delivered from Stannington Fruit and Veg a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had renewed enthusiasm for cooking up yummy teas using the fresh ingredients. Most have been veggie, meaning low carbon emissions and I’ve definitely used far less ready prepared bits in packaging.

To be honest, being on strike from work has also meant I’ve had a bit more time for trying out new things, but most of these are things that take so little time I’m sure I’ll cook them again once I’m back in more. Also, when I’ve been on the picket lines, I’ve used my Campus Cup a couple of times, and I ran into the Sheffield Students’ Union Shop to fill up my empty washing up liquid bottle with Ecover Liquid.

I’ve also had my bread maker out for the first time in at least 18 months (although the results of the first go were a bit hilarious, I think due to the yeast in my cupboard being out of date, although I could have sworn I’d checked in advance!). Plus, I bought a big bag of popcorn kernels, and have already made a couple of big batches. Today I did one with my little boy who really enjoyed watching the popcorn go “ping, ping!” and grow in the pan, and enjoyed eating it even more!

Winter vegetable recipe ideas

One of my favourite recipes to do with a mix of veg, but especially mushrooms, is a risotto with lots of pesto mixed in after cooking. It’s so scrummy! Lots of people have said to me that they find risotto a pain because you have to stir it so much, but I find that so long as you make sure there is liquid coving the rice until it’s nearly cooked and you don’t have the temperature too high, you don’t have to constantly stir it.

Talking of mushrooms, I think I mentioned in my blog about our trip to London how much Jack enjoyed the mushroom croquettes from my veggie breakfast. I found this mushroom croquette recipe and made some of my own. They were quite different, but by no means worse. The ones we had in the cafe were quite dry, like a mushroom-based falafel, whereas the ones I made were more like a thick mushroom soup with a breadcrumb coating. Both were delicious though, and went down well with all of us!

This mushroom pasta recipe incorporates a humous sauce, so I made about four times the amount of humous and we are using it for snacks. The recipe makes a much thinner humous than you would normally have for dipping (you leave in all the juice from the cans), but I thickened it using flour. Since Jack has homous nearly every day for a snack it’s much better to make my own than keep buying little packets, and it’s going down very well with him.

I’ve also discovered how to get him to eat vegetables. Cover them in cheese sauce of course!! I mean this is pretty obvious as almost everyone loves cheese and we have done it before, but I think the sauce in this vegetable gratin recipe, including nutmeg and whole grain mustard, is an absolute winner and I’ve made it a couple of times in the past couple of weeks.

…and for pudding!

Last week we got some gorgeous Yorkshire triangle rhubarb and a baking apple in our box which went down exceptionally well in a crumble! Hurray!!

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